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The Garonne extends over 529km, from the Bordeaux agglomeration to the Spanish border. The Garonne Valley represents a total area of about 7,500km², spread over the Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions.



The famous wave born from the currents of the river and tide, is an extraordinary natural phenomenon. The Mascaret appears during large tidal coefficients.  It is also present on other rivers such as the Seine. This one disappeared 30 years before because of the work of the port of Le Havre.
This phenomenon is a real pleasure for surfers who can then enjoy this wave and the onlookers of this timeless show.

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The former Tramasset shipyard existed since 1837. It was part of the 6 shipyards of Le Tourne and Langoiran that built skiffs, spinnerets, coureaux, gabares and fir trees during the period when wooden boats provided transport on the Garonne. This successful company employed up to 40 workers in the 1930s. In decline since the early 1960s, Les Chantiers Tramasset was finally closed in 1985 and abandoned. The town hall of Le Tourne decided to buy the buildings and the association Les Chantiers Tramasset was created in 1997 to revive these historic places. The site was listed as a Historic Monument in 2008.

The association of the same name, created in 1997, has invested this heritage site on the banks of the Garonne, abandoned since 1985.

Recognized as a social living space, the association also wants to be a heritage mediation space. Its tourism approach makes it possible to bring a coherence between its missions of transmission of know-how, of the cultural heritage linked to the river, while valuing the activities of the association.

It is possible to discover the site of the Tramasset Yards through a course in autonomy! A booklet (2€) will inform you about the main historical and cultural elements. Monday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm.

Guided tours are also available (from 9 people or package 45 euros). Visit the historic ports of Langoiran-Le Tourne, the heritage site of the shipyard and the mediation space of the shipyards.
5€/person – 1h15 visit

Contact: asso@chantierstramasset.fr – 05 56 67 61 69
20 esplanade Josselin 33550 Le Tourne


The association La Cale was created in Lestiac sur Garonne and has several objectives: valorisation of the river heritage of the Garonne, promote nautical activities, historical research on the port of Lestiac sur Garonne

Every year, the members of the association organize the festival of the port (deprogrammed in 2021 given the sanitary conditions).

Contact: assolacale@orange.fr



Constituting the northern part of an island formed by a dead arm of the Garonne along the municipalities of Lestiac, Paillet, Rions, Ile de Raymond, which extends over 45 ha, is classified as a sensitive natural area. The island is a beautiful playground open to the public for beautiful refreshing and informative walks.
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The brochure includes explanations on the Garonne, the Ile de Raymond, the flora and fauna of the Garonne, events related to the river...
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